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Why dating in your thirties is so much better than your twenties

Dating sucks sometimes. But it sucks less in your thirties and here’s why.

Let’s rewind to a time when you think you know it all – your roaring twenties. The actual reality of what you know is sweet fuck-all. Bed-hopping and spending all your cash on impressing one date after another sound familiar? 

Not an ideal path to marriage, but fun while it lasts. 

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who meet their life partner in this era (it won’t last anyway), the pressure might be starting to mount. 

But your thirties is where the real fun begins.

Now you’ve got the whole ‘shag-anything-with-a-pulse’ thing out your system it’s time to be more picky with who you date. The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ has never been more relevant. And with extra cash from various promotions along the way, you can treat yo’ self (and date) to good food, fine wine, just an all-round better time. 

Secondly, now you’ve shed that arrogant twenties skin, look forward to gaining serious confidence. Not just forced egotism to look good in front of others. Actual strong self-worth. Scaled the career ladder, got into shape and understand how to pay bills? 

I’m a bear, I don’t have to deal with this shit.

 But YOU, you’ve nailed it and it shows. 

Lest we not forget our dear mistakes. Take them in your stride and hold your head high, after all my former bad decisions have led me here. If you can’t laugh at yourself then you need a reality check. It’s all a learning process at the end of the day…

…one very lengthy learning process…

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Dating in your thirties is just a less confusing time. You’re both there for the right reasons meaning you can forget the whole guessing game, forget the ‘will they call, will they not’ bullshit. 

I’ve only just found out the meaning of ghosting, do I really have to learn bread-crumbing as well? Fuck no. 

And for those of you less-aware of these colloquialisms, I’ll write up a dating-dictionary soon, a.k.a when I can be arsed, so maybe not that soon…

Generally, dating is clearer and more thought-through, yeah so you might have a few shoddy dates along the way, but they’re all good stories to tell. And all that practice makes perfect, right?

Hear my stories of muddling my way through the world of dating. Listen, read or watch. Enjoy, cringe or recoil.