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Why are we all so obsessed with dating shows?


Dear Lustful Lotharios,  


Doesn’t it feel like every week there’s a new show on the T.V. about the new wave of hopefuls looking to find The One? 

It’s not a new phenomenon either. 

First Dates has been going for 7 years and earnt all kinds of spin-offs and celeb specials. The bar guy, Merlin, has even become a bit of a legend in his own right.

Remember The Bachelor? I mean how could you forget it. It’s on its 24th season and has just topped 250 episodes. And that’s just the American version, the show has been recreated in nearly 30 countries worldwide. 

So what is it exactly about these shows that keep their renewal contracts signed? 

Well for a start, we’re all soppy bastards and completely obsessed with the notion of love. 

Dr. Helen Fisher, senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, and author of Anatomy of Love explains, “We’re so driven to understand love, we will even overlook the artificial when we read a novel or watch a movie.” 

There’s no shortage of artificial in reality shows either…

Even though we’re well aware that much of it is fake and scenes are staged, being absorbed in someone else’s love-ridden woes gives us a chance to escape from our own lives.

Think of the buzz when a new show is released. Social media blew up over Love is Blind, and we all wanted to be a part of it. As humans, we’re innately drawn to communities and often that community is focused around popular culture. Hence why we love to laugh (and cry) with our favourite stars as they get ruthlessly dumped each week, or day a la Five Guys a Week

Of course, expressing our opinions of the line-ups and flirtatious goings on is another aspect which makes us feel part of it. Something many of us engage in whilst making a brew at work the next day.  

Next time you tune in to a beautiful bunch of hopefuls looking for The One (and fame of course) I vote –  indulge guilt-free, you’ve earnt it after all. Volume up and zone out. 


Your telly-binging buddy, 


Brown Bear x 


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