Brown Bear on a field

What will the dating scene look like after lockdown?

Dear Restless Romancer, 


Are you ready to get back out there? Can’t wait for a flirt-filled first date?

Well, things are looking up. 

I know more than anyone how much the pandemic has put a pause on dating. 

That’s not to say that our endeavour to find the one was halted completely. Virtual online speed dating came to the fore and rescued us lonely singletons still looking for love. Over the past few weeks and months, it has slowly become the new norm and doesn’t look to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Even I accepted our new fate and plunged myself into the depths of digital dating by giving it a try

But, now things are starting to relax. Distancing rules have been eased, the shops are back open. Hell, even the pubs have opened their doors to pint-thirsty revellers.

We’ll see how long that lasts…



This year has already been a great year for dating apps.

Sign-ups, conversations and engagement exploded and will most likely stick around after the pandemic as more people are choosing to communicate longer on the apps instead of heading out for an actual date. 

This is good in some ways as it means there will be less time wasted. The pandemic has given people more time to improve their profiles and hone their digital communication skills, as well as the time to consider what they really want in a partner. 

A certain ‘lightness’ has been created for post-pandemic dating. People have realised what’s important, and what’s not. And so better understand where to place their priorities. Putting yourself out there on an app just doesn’t seem as…intimidating. 

Which is a good thing, a very good thing. 

I think we’ll see an end to meaningless swiping and dull conversation, replaced by an exciting fresh start for online dating. 

It’s safe to say that Covid might have changed dating forever. 

It’ll be strictly PDA-free zones at last, hurrah! 


Hang in there, something good is around the corner. 


Your Knight in shining pixels, 


Brown Bear x