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What can ‘Love is Blind’ teach us about dating?

Okay, hear me out on this one. 

Love is Blind is the latest Netflix show to grace our screens with the promise of high-drama, drunken antics, and well, marriage, cos all of those go hand in hand right? 

The show/social experiment works on the premise that 15 men and 15 women are introduced in ‘pods’ where they get to know each other – just without seeing the other person. All they have to go off is the other person’s voice and conversational skills. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot apparently. Sure – some couples get on like a house on fire, while others just get pissed and argue. 

But at the end of the experiment, it genuinely seems like a few of the couples are in it for the long haul…or celebrity status. 

Creator and Executive Producer Chris Coelen said “What if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?” 

And that’s where it works, it helps people connect on a level outside of screens. Modern daters are stuck in a Tinder culture with instant judging and lack of attention, it’s causing fatigue and quite frankly exhaustion. 

Not these guys though, the participants spent hours talking to each other behind the wall and actually having deep conversations. They were able to actually get to know their date, before ever laying eyes on each other. 

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Although this might not work on a global scale. The similar UK show ‘Married at First Sight’ was a fucking disaster. That could have been down to the fact that the contestants had never actually met and it was based on poorly judged ‘science’.  

And there’s something to be said about the nature of our friends across the pond, Americans are naturally more open and less awkward than us Brits. 

I mean we get strung up over prolonged eye contact…

But not these contestants, they wear their heart on their sleeves. Big time. 

Plus they’re fuelled with alcohol which makes for great viewing pleasure, also they’re all bat-shit crazy. 

What can it actually teach us? Well, it’s not like organising these dates would be exactly easy. 

Anyone got a spare pod?

But it does show the power of real conversations, and learning to live without relying on phones for dating. 

And it helps that the show’s contestants are all 10/10. 

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