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Venchur: the latest dating app to hit your screens

Welcome to Venchur. 

A new app that wraps up speed dating and blind dates into one, with a quick preview peek. 

You’ll create a digital avatar, like a Bitmoji, and then go searching for dates with locals in your area. The catch is that all you have to go off is the pixel picture and a short bio. 

Once you find an avatar you like the look of, send them a date request and the rest (could be) history.  A 15-minute coffee date is a good place to start, with both parties aware of the time limit so there’s no obligation to hang about. Not feeling it? Then just move onto the next one. 

I’m liking this already. 

Avid speed dater Nick spotted a gap in the market for blind dates to catch up with the rapidly changing online dating world. 

Here he explains more about the app that’s designed for dates, not matches. 


How did you come up for the concept of Venchur? 

I’d just been speed dating and really enjoyed it. And then I was reading in the Guardian newspaper about the blind dates they arrange. I thought, is there an app which arranges speed dates on-demand or blind dates? But I couldn’t find one.

So I figured I’d develop one. I mean, why not right? And that’s what happened. 

Now there’s an app which arranges blind dates for you on demand. But it’s also like speed dating because you have to specify how long the date will be, so we anticipate that people will set up lots of dates for the same day, but they’ll be like 15-minute dates each. 


What made you want to create a new dating app? 

Well, in my experience, and a lot of my friends’ experience, online dating doesn’t work. It takes loads of effort to even secure one date, and most of the time the ‘talking’ just leads to a dead-end.  We wanted something which enabled anyone to have a date when they wanted (within reason). 


What kind of feedback have you had from users about the format of Venchur?

It launched yesterday so we’re not sure yet how people will take to it. Also, we’re under isolation at the moment so the app can’t really be used because it’s about meeting people face to face. But we hope people will be open-minded enough to give it a try. I mean, why wouldn’t you give it a try if traditional online dating isn’t working for you? 


Who is your demographic? Do you think Millennials will ever be able to step away from Tinder? 

We don’t really have or want to have a target demographic. We really just want anyone who is looking for love to have another avenue to explore. And yeah, we have no idea if people will ever get past the concept of not being able to see who they’re dating, but maybe the time is right? The success of First Dates and Love Is Blind suggests that people like the idea of a blind date, so why not? It’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day. 


What’s next for Venchur? 

We want to launch the Apple app, and also launch in Europe and the USA. One day we want to start doing Venchur Out, which will be nights out. And then Venchur Away which will be holidays. We’ll see how we get along. 

Intrigued? Head to the Venchur website to find out more information. Or, follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.