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To hinge or not to hinge: a look at the latest dating app

Hello Hinge.

Introducing the latest online dating service, offering singletons everywhere another shot at finding the one, but could it just be another platform to mindlessly swipe away?

And realistically how different can it actually be from the other apps?

Unquestionably, dating apps have evolved. Tinder might always be the OG, then Bumble came along with an interesting hook of the female speaking first, but it couldn’t really stand the test of time (much like all my relationships).

I guess Hinge is right about one thing – today’s apps are meant for matching – not connecting.

“We built an app that’s designed to be deleted.” That’s their missionary position statement *eye roll*. But I guess worth a try.

And that brings us to Hinge.

Laid out more like social media, the app is more of an experience. For a start, I can get judgey on more than just 5 pictures and a micro-bio. Full Instagram feeds are pulled through, so endless images can be uploaded. You can do an actual digital double-take to get a better look at someone.

Neatly slotted between the images are fun facts and questions for the user to fill in – I know what you’re thinking, in this day and age this sounds like a lot of work right?

“Biggest risk I’ve ever taken…” and “A shower thought I recently had…” for example.

Errr, let’s not go there.

It’s fairly cool, and there’s a lot of witty banter flying around. Until you read the same answer on 5 different profiles. At least try to be original. But a good way to find out more about someone before crossing the conversational barrier.

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There’s another aspect to Hinge that’s setting them apart from their predecessors…

They’re using a noble-prize winning algorithm.

Sorry, WHAT?

To ensure ‘optimal pairing’, Hinge will actually search their entire database using an algorithm to find you the most compatible dates.

In a recent interview Hinge CEO Justin Mcleod said “This is a way for us to, essentially, go on all your bad dates for you.”

Holy shit.

It looks like heavy number crunching is the key to love after all. Data analysts and mathematicians everywhere rejoice – your time has come.

It’s clear these guys aren’t messing around with Hinge. Boasting that users are 8x more likely to go on actual dates found through their cool algorithm (now there’s a contradiction in terms).

If you’re looking for something more than meaningless swiping, or painfully waiting for the first message, Hinge might be the way forward.

I’ll be trying my luck for the foreseeable future anyway…

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