Brown Bear on a field

Online Dating Laid Bear: From boozy nights to animation series

Dear Pondering Personage,


Ever wondered how Online Dating Laid Bear was created? Ever mused just how I became a muse?

Well, I’m here to tell you exactly that. From humble beginnings to our growing community of struggling singletons. This is Online Dating Laid Bear from start to present. 



Let’s go back to 2004. 

Newcastle Uni and Castle Leazes halls of residence; where all the best ideas are dreamt up. 

If, like me, you enjoyed a student experience of wild drinking games and more shots than hot meals (the meals in Havelock Hall were god awful am I right?), then you’ll understand how-out-of-hand nights out would end up. 

And who wouldn’t want to remember that? 

So, me and my mate Steve started writing it all down. Piecing together the hazy night before in a document to keep as a memoir – an ode to the Toon. 

It was the only way to document everything that happened. Okay sure, we took some creative license and embellished some parts slightly, but it all pretty much happened as written. 



After uni finished, Steve and I moved away from the close proximity living of Studentville to pastures new. Girlfriends and PhDs started to take priority over chaotic nights out, but during this time we always still made an effort to pen anything that happened on our night outs, it became a tradition.

Then Graham, our token ‘good looking friend’ got involved and things started to pick up again. 



At some point in the mix, Tinder came along giving me inspiration and a deluge of dating material. With all three of us writing, the stories turned into full blown memoirs, which eventually turned into a 250+ page thesis level of detail document. At one point we even went to the trouble of getting it printed and bound. 

It didn’t stop there. Now we wanted to share what we’d created with the world, and we turned the written stories into a blog. 

Ahh, you see where it’s going now. 

Next came the name…

I wanted to go for ‘Dating – it’s an N numbers game’, which is actually a shit science joke that not many people understood, or found funny, or both.

Next up was ‘The Adventures of a Brown Bear’, the creation of my own name. This stuck around for a bit. Eventually, and with the help of some arty friends, I was brought to life in the form of some funky illustrations.

Unfortunately, the title had to go. It was quite rightly pointed out that the name looked like it was something for children BUT our rating is definitely not PG.

So, I put out a request on social media and asked for new name suggestions.

‘Online Dating Laid Bear’ came back and ticked all the boxes, voila! 


2016 – Present 

Now with a community that is constantly growing, I’ve diversified my portfolio (la de daa, how grown up am I!?) into a book series, animations, blog posts and even a podcast, literally anything I can do to help fellow struggling singletons.

We are now a tribe of walking, talking, dating disasters, here to remind you that it ain’t so bad and it could be worse.

It’s been an emotional ride up til now, and it’ll continue like this for the foreseeable future.


I’ll be there from now and always.


Your Friend.

Brown Bear x


If you need a pick me up or a digital shoulder to cry on, then please come and check me out, anytime, anywhere, that’s what I’m here for.