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How to successfully speed date

Some of you keen readers will remember the recent interview I did with Ajaz, owner of the fastest growing speed dating group in the North West. Need a memory refresh? Check it out here.

Now, he’s back and is spilling all about how to make speed dating work for you. Hints, tips and trade secrets that’ll score you a few second dates, straight from the master of matches himself. 

Intrigued yet?

Preparation is everything. You want to ooze confidence, how you go about that is up to you. Gym sesh? Yoga? Listening to hardcore drum n’ bass? It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you’ll get a hit of endorphins, which will last all night. 

Ajaz explains “Do whatever it takes to get you in the best frame of mind for the night, I always exercise before a night out because it gives me a much-needed energy boost.” 

Next, make sure you look your best. “I always recommend dressing as you would do for a big night out or a first date, whatever that might mean for you – it’s not one size fits all, so if you’re more into wearing trainers and a t-shirt than smart-dress-and-heels then go with that,” says Ajaz. 

Nervous? So is everyone else. It’s natural, you’re literally putting yourself out there. Ajaz recommends, “Try and be as natural and positive as you can. I know it’s easier said than done but, ideally, you want to put the best version of yourself forward whilst encouraging your dates to try and do the same.” 

You got this. 

Conversation is a two-way street. It’s only fair that you both get a chance to talk, and don’t be afraid to speak up if they’re dominating the conversation.

There’s always one. 

Ajaz adds, “Keep it light: you may have come to the event with serious intentions but you don’t necessarily need to communicate that in the short time that you have with them.” 

So basically don’t go too deep straight away. You can discuss the serious stuff when you have a proper date. 

Finally, keep up contact. “I’d personally recommend contacting all of your matches if you’re lucky enough to have more than one, even if there’s one that you’re way more into than the rest. Remember that they may also have other matches, so it’s best not to burn your bridges with the others until you know where things are going,” recommends Ajaz. 

Wise words from the speed dating guru.

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