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How to make long-distance relationships work

Dear Peachy Pen-Pals, 


Have you ever met someone and had a great connection, found that they tick all the boxes except for one crucial one – where they live?

It often feels like long-distance relationships are condemned before they even start. Heart-break seems imminent from the get-go in most cases, and that’s only for the ones who even decide to pursue the relationship. 

But, if finding love in lockdown has taught us anything it’s that meeting people and getting to know them is easier with the digital tools that are now available to us. 

So if you’ve met someone online and are debating whether it’s worth seeing things through, check out this advice on how you can make it work long-distance. 


  • Avoid excessive communication 


Communication is a fine line. It’s completely vital to the success of any relationship (not just long-distance) and yet too much of it becomes spammy. The problem here is that people who are apart feel that they need to overcompensate for the fact that they’re not together, but this frame of mind quickly gets exhausting. Chat normally and draw on the conversations that are genuinely interesting and not just a means to an end.


  • Sort out your schedules 


This is where finding the right balance plays a crucial role in the survival of the relationship. Only making time to communicate when it works for one of you simply isn’t sustainable. Find time in both your schedules when you’ll be able to have an unrushed and private conversation. The key here is to make sure it works on a mutual level, otherwise feelings of resentment might creep in and be blown out of proportion. 


  • Reframe the situation as a positive – and believe in it


Long-distance relationships have some great positives, for example, you learn how to communicate better. But the good things are often overlooked by the bad. Focus on the best parts of the relationship as well as the fact that you’re facing this challenge together, this will help you grow even stronger. 

Geological location in the modern age of dating is no longer a reason to not pursue a seemingly perfect partner. 

Give it a try and see what happens. 


Your Helpful Hero,

Brown Bear x