Brown Bear on a field

Going on a first date? Please for the love of all that is holy, Don’t. Suggest. These.


Dear Fiery First Daters, 

Got those pre-date jitters? Been thinking about how to make the BEST first impression? 

Well, I can’t give you all the answers, but as a seasoned dater what I can give you is some advice about what to do on a first date, or rather, what not to do. 

Some of you might remember my rundown of steller first date ideas. Check it out here. 

Now, I’m back to tell you which ideas you should run a mile from. And I’ve had plenty of dates run a mile from me…one advantage of lockdown is that it is even harder to mess up the first date and do one of these but here’s the rundown just in case you need it:



The cinema. A dark room, no conversation, and feeling weirdly obliged to hold hands. It’s a no from me and a quick way to learn nothing about your date. 

I guess the cinema does make a good Plan B if the original plan goes tits up, but it should never be your first choice. Same goes for bowling, might be fun, if a little competitive, but when can you really get a chance to talk?

And no one really wants to put their feet in heavily-worn shoes. 



An exercise class. For the top 5% who LOVE exercise this could be a great idea. But for the rest of us mere mortals, who eat too much and love a beverage – it’s a terrible idea. Getting hot, sweaty and out of breath on a first date (and not in the good way) it’s a series no go. 



For the sake of your own sanity (and theirs). Avoid taking them anywhere that involves your close friends and/or family on the first date. It’s awkward and you don’t really know enough about them to know how they’ll react to the situation. Birthday parties, weddings, hopefully you’ve never contemplated a funeral, just don’t do it. 

You’ve gotta be pretty confident to work a room full of people you don’t know, so chances are your date will be putting on a brave face but slowly dying inside. 

It’s better to just not bring up taking them there up in the first place, and thus avoid the obligatory “I swear I don’t mind coming”. 

Hope this helps you on your quest to inject some fun into your first dates. 

Your soft ‘n sarcastic pal, 

Brown Bear x 

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