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Don’t be a cliché: your profile picture is everything

Sedated tigers in Thailand, sullen mirror selfie, holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. Don’t be a dickhead.

FYI, if your profile picture contains any of these crappy clichés, then look away now…or keep reading, you may need this help more than you realise.

Choosing the picture for your online dating profile is probably the most important part of the whole process. 

No pressure then.

Considering you’ll be judged in 0.000541* seconds on your profile, it’s pretty important you nail it the first time. 

*not accurate, by the way.

Think about when YOU’RE idly swiping through, what are YOU looking for? What is it about someone that makes you hang on their profile just a second or two longer than the others?

They might share a similar interest, have a flashy smile, or just look like a genuinely nice person. 

It’s tricky to pin down, but carefully choose the right image and you’ll reap the rewards. 

The rewards being an abundance of new likes. 

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Luckily, the love guru’s at Hinge compiled a report from an in-depth study on the ultimate picture for your online dating profile. 

For example, fellas – did you know that if you smile without teeth you’re 43% more likely to snag a like? And ladies it’s time to ditch the group photos – you’ll increase your odds of a like by 63%. 

Thanks for the stats Hinge, you’re awesome. Read more about the latest match-maker on the block here. 

Here are some more tips for championing your profile picture: 

  • Show off a hobby, particularly sports. It shows your active and invites conversation. 
  • Look at the camera. None of this ‘mysterious’, camera-shy bullshit. 
  • Don the lone wolf. Group pictures are a no-go. End of. 

And just remember that what you think might look ultra-cool could be a total turn off. 

Looking at you gym-selfie-rs. 

You can’t have a winning picture without the bio to match. Read ‘The Definitive Guide to Your Online Dating Profile’ for help with this. 

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