Brown Bear on a field

Do you consider yourself unlucky in love?

Dear Serial Daters, Friend Zoners and Third Wheelers, ever feel like you’re left behind while everyone around you seems to be settling down? 

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride? Or best man and not the groom…You get the idea. 

Alas, I hear you. It sucks. 

Now, it’s easy to think “I’m just unlucky in love” and thus condemn yourself to life on the sidelines. 

I’m here to tell you that all is not lost. Have you ever noticed that you’re now super-experienced in dating? The dating scene throws up many surprises – wanted or not – but there’s always a story to be found. You’ll be able to recount a tale or two, much to the amusement of others. 

And there’s no harm in waiting for the right person, rather than jumping into LIFE with someone just to tick marriage off the list. 

This is what I’m all about. We’re a community of like-minded ‘unlucky-in-love’ folk who’re here to share our dating experiences with the world and offer a digital shoulder to cry (or laugh) on. 

 I’ve interviewed dear old friends about their disasters, newbies and the nonsense they have dealt with, as well as a dating app creator and speed dating guru. Each person has been more willing than the last to spill their beans on the podcast and share their experience. 

If you’re a struggling singleton, it’s time to embrace the bad dates, revel in the awkwardness and eagerly stand on the sidelines as everyone else settles down. 

Because good things come to those who wait after all.

Keep your chin up, I know what you’re going through.

Your furry companion.

Brown Bear

P.S. Have you got your own dating struggles? Need a more immediate digital shoulder to cry on? Come check me out for a pick-me-up.