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Do blind dates ever work out?

We’ve all got them, friends in relationships who are always so pushy for you to be introduced to one of their ‘amazing’ single friends. Usually set up as a double date and thus forcing everyone together to bask in the uncomfortable first date. The intentions are good, but alas, it’s often just a very awkward affair.

Mutual acquaintances forced into strained small-talk, while your friends watch on and silently-judge your first date ‘moves’ or lack thereof. Racking your brains for something to say that makes you sound cool and interested, but drawn a blank? We’ve all been there.

…’Why the fuck did I agree to this?’…

And the desire to meddle from well-meaning pals is too much to resist. It’s guaranteed they’ll be hounding your date for information as soon as you slink off to the loo.

…’Seriously, why?’…

Let’s not disregard blind dates completely, they can work out if it happens naturally. Afterall, the unexpecting date is friends with your friends so there must be some similarities there. Plus, beggars nor buggers can’t be choosers.

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So, how to manage these sordid events when they crop up?

Should you find yourself on a set-up date, here’s my top tips:


  • Be yourself. Okay, that’s a given but don’t try and oversell yourself or embellish your life too much. It’ll come back round to bite you on the arse at some point.


  • Don’t over-drink. First impressions and high expectations is enough to make anyone reach for an extra beer. Keep yourself in check, slurring words and repeating yourself is a definite turn-off. Trust me, I’ve been there.


  • Throw out all expectations. You’re going have to go into it with a clear mind, lose any high OR low expectations and free your brain from going into over-drive pre-date.


Rejoice knowing that truly blind dates quickly are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to the internet explosion and social media, prrreetty much everything you need to know about your future beau is readily available at your fingertips. And vice versa.

Sorry Cilla, it was good while it lasted.

Which is great in some ways as it saves a lot of time wasted on crappy dates. And online dating lets you cast your net further.

Online or blind date, who really gives a shit if it doesn’t work out. Just another disaster story to add to the ever-increasing pile – you’ll laugh about it, one day.

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