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Dating in isolation: wine, dine and…online.

Granted, these times are completely unprecedented. 

And if like me, you’re missing the dating scene, all might not be lost… 

Times like these are bringing people together through various digital mediums and this extends to engaging in coveted dates. 

You might have already met the person online, but instead of moving the conversation from an app to a bar, why not move it from the app to the sofa..digitally.

Is cam2cam still a thing? Jokes…

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With all the extra screen-time people have been gifted recently, it’s probably the most bountiful time to find a flame. And there’s been huge surges in singles taking their first-dates online. 

A first-date over Skype or Zoom is actually a good middle-ground, you can suss each other out and if it goes to shit – at least you’re not going to spend a small fortune on impressing them with pricey drinks. Also, you can always just end the call and blame a poor connection. 

Damn, I hope video-dating sticks around. 

It’s a tough climate out there, but we can make the best out of it. So, set-up Skype, grab a glass and start putting the feelers out. 

Hurrah! Dating in lockdown isn’t doomed. 

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