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Dating checklist: essentials and desirables

Admit it or not, everyone has got that list of things they’re looking for in a partner. 

Good sense of humour/financially stable/not an axe murderer usually occupy the top spaces. 

But I wanted to go one step further, so put that same question out to the good old public, to see what other essentials and desirables we look for.

And most of us are pretty damn picky when it comes to finding a partner, so here goes…

  1. Ambition. Throwing humour of the usual top spot, ambition came in first as the most important trait for a person to have. Also circling round the top was having a passion, something alongside the 9-5 that you’re committed to. 
  2. Humour. Ah, of course, everyone loves to laugh. Slapstick or sarcasm, finding someone who can make you belly laugh is a real winner. 
  3. Money sense. Aka not being daft with your dollar. Not living with your parents also scored high. 
  4. Teamwork. This sounds more office etiquette than a relationship, but you get the idea. Essentially, not micromanaging your partner.

Other desirables that came up included; confidence, family orientated and strong social skills.

No one likes babysitting their partner in gatherings after all. 

You know what didn’t come up? Aesthetics. None of the respondents mentioned any physical traits that they’re partner must-have.

Restoring my faith in humans. Love might be blind after all

Oh, except for height. Assuming there isn’t a huge difference in height between partners it’s all good. 

Now, let’s run through some of the red flags that cause potential partners to run for the hills. 

Being self-absorbed scored high, so it’s time to put down the selfie stick. Also, coming in hot on the ‘no go’ list was jealousy. Dating is strictly a no green-eyed monster zone. 

And to top it off, disliking animals was a serious turn-off. 

Praise be my furry friends, our time has come. 

Whatever your kink, flex, unusual trait, there’ll be someone out there who’ll love it. 

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