Brown Bear on a field

Can you find love in lockdown?

Dear Hopeless Romantics, 

Emphasis on hopeless. 

I’m here to put the question – ‘can you find love in lockdown?’ – to the test. 

You might remember last week when I mentioned that a friend and I were planning to attend a virtual speed dating event in Manchester. 

Well, now we’re back to swap stories and recount our tales from speed dating in isolation. 

First, let’s set the scene. When you join the call, ladies and gents are put into two holding rooms where you can chat with the competition, and scout each other out. After idle pleasantries, you’re moved into the dating rooms and have around 5 mins with each person. 

And with the promise of a lit zoom afterparty, what else could you want? 

Well, maybe a few things… 

Sure, both of us had some good conversations with our dates, but this wasn’t the case with every date.

“It was a mixed bag, some dates were open and chatty while others needed coaxing into conversation.” 

And without attending an actual event in person, it leaves outfit choices up for dispute.

“Some people had made the effort as though they were going for a night out, others looked like they were in their PJs.” 

But where does it all lead?

“After the event you submit your ‘likes’, if your likes match up then contact details are exchanged, you also get the details of who liked you, even if you didn’t tick them.”

Leaving you with plenty of options…whether you like them or not.

So again, I digress…

Can you find love in lockdown?

Maybe we had a bad run, sometimes that happens.

“I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from this event.” 

But don’t let our experiences put you off, I believe you can find love in lockdown, you just need to know where to look and more importantly to not lose hope. 

Stay tuned to hear more on the podcast wrap up from this event.

Your debatably handsome companion.

Brown Bear x 

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