Brown Bear on a field

Online Dating Laid Bear: A collection of funny stories for adults who suck at dating PART 6

Online dating is deflating.

The Online Dating Laid Bear series follows the dating life of Brown Bear (BB), a short, 30-something trying to meet someone in today’s Tinder world.

Dating can often feel like mission impossible. How is it possible to form a deep connection with someone in the space of a few messages through a dating app followed by one, yes just one meet up? Gone are the days of actually trying to form and develop a meaningful connection with someone that may progress to a relationship.

Unfortunately, nowadays, if there’s no chemistry there by the end of the first date, then there almost certainly won’t be a second date. In today’s day and age of instant gratification and low attention spans, it is probably appropriate that in Part 6, readers can not only read about more of BB’s dates, they can also find out how he took to speed dating. The high-octane environment and brief amount of time given to speak to each date was surely something for even someone like BB to embrace?