Brown Bear on a field

Online Dating Laid Bear: A collection of funny stories for adults who suck at dating PART 2

Online dating, sometimes, is just a massive pain in the arse.

The Online Dating Laid Bear series follows the dating life of Brown Bear (BB), a short, 30-something trying to meet someone in today’s Tinder world.

Dating nowadays is not a lot of fun. Nothing epitomises this more than online dating where the internet provides a mass pool of profiles to trawl through.

Trying to capture someone’s attention enough so that they may consider you for a date in the space of some selfies and just one or two sentences is a nigh on impossible task. It is something that millions struggle with each and every day. One who struggles with it more than most is BB, just a nice normal guy trying to get by.

His struggles are compounded by the fact that he has a very sarcastic brand of humour and is easily bored, not the ideal combination when trying to meet the love of your life.

Part 2 continues to chart the dating progress, or lack thereof, of this loveable loser. Readers get to follow BB through another two amusing dates where he grapples with his short attention span and snide sense of humour whilst trying to connect with a fellow ‘human’ being. Moreover, readers gain an even deeper insight into The VIP (the term BB uses to describe him and his two best buddies).

Whether you’re an experienced online dater or just someone intrigued by the concept, see it through the eyes of someone who is not very good at it but is trying to get better all whilst fighting his own fears and wrestling his own insecurities in the hope that he may just meet someone he remotely gets on with.