Brown Bear on a field

Online Dating Laid Bear: A collection of funny stories for adults who suck at dating PART 1

Online dating sucks, it just really sucks.

The Online Dating Laid Bear series follows the dating life of Brown Bear (BB), a short, 30-something trying to meet someone in today’s Tinder world.

His dating experience is almost non-existent. When he was at school he was quite shy and never really interacted with girls as his focus was on his studies so that he could get into a good university, therefore supposedly trivial life experiences such as learning how to interact with and speak to girls were neglected.

Following school, he went to Newcastle University to do his undergraduate degree where, through being a genuinely nice guy, he garnered some female attention. Sadly, due to his lack of experience and confidence, the attention never really amounted to anything. After six years in the North, BB moved to London to embark on the tumultuous journey that is a PhD. During this time, success with the ladies came in dribs and drabs. However, with the encouragement of The VIP (the term BB uses to describe him and his two best friends) he developed some experience in the dating game.

Unfortunately for BB, the following two years proved to be a difficult time. Close friends moved abroad, the relationship with his supervisor slowly broke down and the pressure at work mounted. Completing his PhD should have been a truly momentous and joyous occasion, however passing his viva was not enough to salvage the wreckage of his battered self-esteem. A period of rehabilitation then ensued, which yielded mixed results as BB managed to actually go on some dates.

In Part 1, readers get to find out about BB’s experiences in the dating game having never really embraced it before. In addition to seeing how BB’s initial dates go, readers get their first glimpse into what The VIP is like and what they’re about.