Brown Bear on a field

Online Dating Laid Bear: A collection of funny stories for adults who suck at dating PART 7

Online dating takes up so much time and often delivers absolutely nothing.

The Online Dating Laid Bear series follows the dating life of Brown Bear (BB), a short, 30-something trying to meet someone in today’s Tinder world.

Every day, the world of dating evolves. The advent of the internet and social media has made the dating world become increasingly eclectic. Dating apps such as Sizzl and Bristlr (dating apps for those who love bacon or beards) to events where people sit opposite someone specifically in complete silence, the variety of ways in which to meet potential partners continues to expand. It almost seems brazen to call speed dating a thing of the past.

In Part 7 that is exactly where we find BB, as readers get to find out how the second half of the speed dating event he attended went. After meeting so many girls in such a short space of time, did BB not even manage to find one girl with any sort of potential?

Furthermore, readers get to find out how another two dates went for BB. Does it look like he is making any progress in the dating game or has he now reached what feels like the never-ending cycle of swipe, text, meet, repeat?