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Are you a struggling social distancing singleton?

Dear Social Distancing Singleton, 

Have you found dating during lockdown a little…strange?

Sure, the lockdown has paused many aspects of our everyday routine. But that doesn’t mean all is lost, some things just need rethinking…

It’s been 3 months and we’ve all been to some pretty dark places but when it comes to dating, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

So what does successful dating look like during lockdown?

Well, we’ve previously noted how Ajaz’s speed dating business has boomed during lockdown. In fact, his virtual speed dating events have become so popular that he’s going to continue with this format indefinitely. 

Ajaz isn’t the only one who has capitalised on dating in isolation. People everywhere have turned to Skype, Zoom and probably carrier pigeon to get their share of dating through this period. 

As we’ve had more time to connect and chat, online dating has evolved. Bumble noted that their users spend longer chatting and getting to know someone more through lockdown, leading to deeper connections. And this is something they intend to continue with for the future. 

Is this the end of incessant swiping?

It’s too soon to tell as although lockdown might have made it harder to physically meet people for dates, it has highlighted the importance of building on connections. Obviously, a fundamental part of relationship building. 

So I’m putting it to the test. Me and a pal are joining a virtual speed dating event this week and will return for part two of this article, where we’ll be discussing the event, possible matches, potential pitfalls and anything else you should expect and be aware of if you’re thinking of attending such an event yourself. 

It’s gonna be juicy so stick around. 

Your furry companion.

Brown Bear

P.S. Have you got your own dating struggles? Need a more immediate digital shoulder to cry on? Come check me out for a pick-me-up.