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An ode to the podcast: my top 5 episodes

Long-time listener or newbie to the channel, the Brown Bear podcast is a safe place for sharing terrible dating stories

Okay, full disclosure, it’s not safe – it’s live on the world web. But you get the idea. 

There’s been an eclectic mix of story-tellers on ye’ old podcast, telling tales from far and wide about some of the strange characters they’ve dated. 

And with bank holiday coming up, what better time to run through my top 5 episodes of all time. 

Tune in and enjoy the ride.


1. SEASON 03 – Episode 08 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Let’s kick things off with Cath. This episode is so brand new, it was only released today. As the saying goes “third time’s a charm” well, this wasn’t exactly the case for Cath. Hear as she recites her own series of unfortunate events from the bright lights of Newcastle. 


2. SEASON 03 – Episode 4 – The Un-Natural History Museum

Prepare for some serious red flags. Catherine’s date was a bit of a loose cannon and it clearly shows. Master of his own demise, her date just couldn’t put a lid on his emotions and things went quickly downhill. 


3. SEASON 03 –  Episode 03 – The Big Claims Guy

What. A. Melee. Poor Laura, her date just wouldn’t stop talking, not just to her but to every unsuspecting person they encountered. 

And to add insult to injury – he was somewhat ‘economical with the truth’ about his life. 


4. SEASON 02 – Episode 06 – The Gutsy Guitarist

Emma’s story is a memoir to Club 18-30 (those were the days, right?) sprinkled with the wholesome fun that all girls holidays provide….booze cruise, fishbowls and wild club nights, of course. Hear her story about Nico, the girls’ Bieber-esk tag-a-long. 


5. SEASON 03 – Episode 02 – From Speed Dater to App Creator

In Nick’s second episode he tells us about how his speed dating journey has ended with the development of a brand new dating app – Venchur. 

Nick is a down-to-earth guy and decided to develop the app for all the right reasons, we salute you, Nick. 


Have you got a dating story you’d like to share? Join me on the podcast and reveal all…

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